About Us

Premium Dental Service is the featured representative of the 40 years practicing, internationally renowned, high prestige Dental Center.

Dental Center hallmarks world-class skill, highest quality and tradition since 1969.

Dental implants, crowns, veneers of the highest quality are available with saving up to 70% of the European dental prices.

On behalf of and in close cooperation with Frischmann Dental Center we ensure accurate and precise services from the first till the last step of our Patient. Free airport transfers, 4- or 5-stars accommodation in the centre of Budapest and program organizations as per your wish.

And what is our special offer for you?

Through Premium Dental Service further 10% discount can be achieved from the list prices of
Frischmann Dental Center!

How all this?

Visit website of Dental Center and make your free registration with ID Nr. 1049738