Wine Tasting at Etyek

The centuries-old cellars of Etyek and the tendencies, which surround the neighborhood villages, lure the guests with their old traditions and with their marvelous wines.

A tendencyful, delicious dinner with wine tasting, which is organized for friendly society, offers an experience for our guests.

The generations of the vines give year by year the sun-matured raw material of high-quality wines. The hospitality of the here living persons, and the tendencies of the pensions lure the guests over to remain to return.

This romantic village, where 4000 inhabitants live is 25 km far from Budapest. Enjoy the romance, the life and culture of the landscape in the safe proximity of the capital!

During your stay we are glad to organize a visit to our partner for a wine tasting afternoon or dinner, but the intimate pensions giving you choice for longer stay to become acquainted with the region.

Please do not hesitate to contact us before or during your stay in Budapest.

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